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At Abajian Law,

we believe that your tax struggles should never define you

A Tax Law Firm Founded by a Former IRS Tax Attorney, and with a staff of attorneys who all possess Master of Laws in Taxation with Distinction (LL.M.), we’re the area’s ultimate source of experienced advocacy and sound advice. We’re prepared to come to your aid whenever you require:

  • Tax litigation and representation
  • Foreign bank accounts, inheritances, trusts and gifts
  • Aggressive representation during stressful, high-profile investigations
  • Advisement about stopping tax liens and levies
  • Assistance negotiating with the IRS or California Franchise Tax Board
  • Guidance on how to make an offer in compromise

You may view tax law as a dry subject - but we don’t. We have a serious passion for helping you navigate and master the nuances of this complex legal domain.

We're dedicated to the idea that regular consumers, business owners and private citizens deserve a better chance at making taxation work for them. The ultimate purpose of taxation is to serve and provide for the general public, but the system doesn't always work as it should. Our role is to help you legally swing the odds in your favor.

When Tax Laws Threaten to Bring You Down, We Keep You Standing Firm

At Abajian Law, our legal team possesses more than just an all-encompassing desire to help you resolve your tax issues. We also have a unique shared background that gives us the power to litigate with extreme foresight and tenacity that places you on a more solid footing.

As a former Senior Trial Attorney with the IRS, Vic Abajian has cultivated an unmatched understanding of how the law works. For more than 15 years, he’s helped southern Californians navigate high-value cases with grace. What’s more, Abajian Law makes it a policy to retain only proven attorney staff with advanced degrees.

By equipping ourselves with unparalleled knowledge, we’re able to arm you to fight back when tax agencies overstep their bounds. Learn more about our unique mission here.

Leverage Our Success to
Move Beyond Your Taxation Challenges

During more than a decade of service, Abajian Law has worked to help multinational corporations overcome potentially reputation-destroying tax controversies and save millions of dollars. We’ve also educated individuals who sought to reduce their tax burdens and get through harrowing audits without finding themselves on the wrong side of the rules.

No matter who you are, you can depend on our unique brand of knowledgeable advocacy to make your life easier. Tax disputes may not be the most pleasant experiences in the world, but facing yours head-on and moving past them is much easier with help from a qualified legal adviser.

Thanks to our in-depth conversance with how the law is meant to function and how tax resolution works, the vast majority of our cases never even go to litigation. Don’t you deserve a stress-free conclusion to your tax problems?

For immediate aid, just call 818-396-5059, or fill out the form below to have our attorneys get back to you promptly.