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Why Abajian Law?

Vic Abajian is a former IRS Senior Trial Attorney whose outstanding work has been recognized by the Department of Treasury. At Abajian Law, Vic combines his knowledge and experience with a thoughtfully assertive litigation style to help individuals get relief from their tax problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The experienced, professional, and discreet legal team at Abajian Law will be at your side every step of the way to get old returns filed and secure the best possible financial outcome for you while bringing you current and compliant on your taxes. With the help of our qualified tax attorneys, you might even find yourself actually receiving a refund when the dust settles and your tax picture becomes clear. And even if you do owe, our tax attorneys are veteran negotiators who will work tirelessly to secure the lowest possible payments that allow you to get current on your taxes — at a pace which works for you.
The IRS has shown a willingness to be understanding and work with taxpayers by giving them avenues to achieve tax relief. These options fall under the umbrella of the Fresh Start initiative that the IRS has launched to make it even easier for you to come into compliance with your tax obligations. Abajian Law can advise you of the various rights and options laid out underneath the IRS’ Fresh Start program, providing you with a custom plan to take advantage of these measures for maximum benefit
Chances are you may have heard of the IRS’ Offer in Compromise option, which is exactly what it sounds like: a chance for you to make a settlement offer that both sides agree is a fair payment for what you owe. If the negotiations are done by a highly experienced and qualified tax attorney like the ones at Abajian Law, you have the best possible chance to have your Offer accepted by the IRS so that you can put your tax burden behind you for good.

Get tax relief with the help of an accomplished Former IRS Tax Attorney.

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