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Tax Services

  • California tax controversy attorney

    Tax Controversy

    Abajian Law is devoted to our clients during tax examinations, investigations, and collections. Once a client entrusts us with their financial security, we are committed to giving our clients the best representation money can buy.

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  • Tax litigation

    Tax Litigation

    Abajian Law has years of United States Tax Court experience both as an IRS Attorney and for the private sector. Abajian Law brings value to its clients because it understands both the government and private business.

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  • Foreign bank accounts & FBAR penalties

    Offshore Bank
    Accounts & FBAR Penalties

    Abajian Law prides itself on bringing countless clients into United States tax compliance who had neglected to properly disclose their foreign financial accounts, assets, and income.

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  • Tax liens and levies

    Tax Liens & Tax Levies

    Federal tax liens and levies can be withdrawn, released, or subordinated under the right circumstances. Abajian Law is well versed in helping clients escape the debilitating effect of liens and levies.

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Who We Are

15+ Years of Experience
Former IRS Tax Attorney

Los Angeles Tax Law Firm

Vic Abajian founded Abajian Law in 2006 to build on his early success as an IRS Senior Trial Attorney. Vic has worked on all types of tax issues ranging from individuals with less complex tax problems to major publicly traded corporations with very complex tax controversies involving millions of dollars. He is highly respected by the IRS and other tax practitioners and looks forward to helping you quickly and successfully resolve your tax issues.

Mr. Abajian is one of the preeminent tax attorneys in Los Angeles, Glendale and across the nation. As a former IRS tax lawyer he is a member of a very specialized group of tax practitioners. Please explore our website to learn more about our tax practice, including the extensive qualifications held by the other members of Abajian Law’s experienced staff.

Abajian Law Understands The IRS Inside & Out

As a former IRS Senior Trial Attorney, Vic Abajian has a thorough understanding of the IRS’ approach to complex tax matters. After finding success with the IRS, Vic realized that his greater passion lay on the other side: helping taxpayers themselves solve their tax issues (and directly improve their quality of life). Through careful assessment of each individual case, Vic Abajian brings the full range of his unique perspective and experience to bear in service of the client.

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    Recent Case Results

    • Instructed taxpayer not to submit on offer in compromise, but instead to wait for statute of limitations to run.  The statute of limitations on collections expired and the IRS stopped collection efforts and withdrew tax liens.  Taxpayer was not retained as a client but sent an unsolicited gift as a token of appreciation for honest advise even though it resulted in not retaining the client.

    • A practicing attorney, Taxpayer with liability of $398,864 walked into Abajian Law with years of unsuccessful negotiation with the IRS and a defaulted installment agreement. IRS accepted an Offer in Compromise Doubt as to Collectability for $85,000. IRS withdrew all tax liens.

    • Father and Mother of United States Marine fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan owed $133,000 of overdue taxes. Taxpayer received hefty severance after leaving his employment, however Abajian Law demonstrated that taxpayer had spent the entire severance on necessary living expenses and would have to continue using the rest of the severance money, the IRS agreed and excluded the severance from the offer amount. Abajian Law submitted an Offer In Compromise Doubt as to Collectability and IRS accepted the offer for $800.

    • Client worked with prior power of attorney in a failed attempt to reduce IRS liabilities. Client’s past liabilities from tax years 2008 through 2012 totaled $602,276.94. After an Offer In Compromise Doubt as to Liability and an Offer In Compromise Doubt as to Collectability, Abajian Law settled client’s liability for $1,470 during the course of an eight month period. Taxpayer ended up paying less than half a percent on his total liabilities.