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Whether income or payroll taxes, paying Uncle Sam is simply a fact of life. The bottom line is that the government uses our tax money to provide much-needed services and infrastructure. Most people understand the need for the tax system; however, parting with hard earned money can feel difficult. This is especially true when a person must pay over and above what has already been deducted from their paycheck.

It’s a common unfortunate scenario: filling out a tax return and finding out that you owe the IRS additional money. Some of these tax liability situations are difficult or complex, and require the assistance of an experienced IRS tax attorney.


Being Indebted To The IRS

Americans have a cultural DNA that makes them question authority and want to stand up for what they believe is right. These are great qualities to have in most areas of life; but when it comes to dealing with the IRS, an anti-tax fervor does not work well. So many people, seeking to minimize their obligation, fall victim to a disreputable tax preparer that promises a big refund without legitimately and thoroughly reviewing the financial situation.

Failing to disclose any income or paying the government substantially less than what is owed is a recipe for disaster, every time. An audit can be issued by the IRS for one of many reasons. Plus, the IRS can be harsh when someone has been dishonest about their income. They will assess penalties and interest to the taxpayer as well as begin to garnish wages and levy bank accounts. These situations require the expertise of an IRS tax attorney. The Abajian Law Office can defend you from the worst-case scenario, all while allowing you to get into compliance with reduced penalties.


The IRS Aggressively Pursues Taxpayers

As an IRS attorney in Los Angeles, Vic Abajian has helped many clients escape the effects of liens and levies. Perhaps, you forgot or neglected to file your taxes for one or multiple years. Maybe your tax preparer was dishonest or simply incompetent. Too often, taxpayers think that trying to conceal past sins or lying will help their position. The IRS takes your taxes and lack of payment seriously. They can use whatever means possible to collect their money. You do not want to give the appearance that you are purposely trying to defraud their system. Rather, you must appear ready to make things right, and pay what you owe.

Intentionally or voluntarily disregarding your legal duty to pay taxes is known as a willful failure. Being Los Angeles’s most trusted former IRS tax attorney, Vic Abajian has worked with many people who have been in similar situations. He knows what it takes to settle a debt with the U.S. Government. He helps those who are facing time in federal prison as well as those who owe significant fines and penalties. Under 26 USC Section 7212, anyone who impedes the laws of the IRS can be punished with up to three years in prison and monetary penalties.


FBAR and FATCA Offshore Disclosure

Do you have offshore accounts? Did you know that you must file an FBAR or FATCA disclosure? If you do not file these documents, the penalties are harsh. Willful FBAR violations will often exceed the bank account balance. The risk of not disclosing these accounts is at an all-time high. The United States has agreements with 100 nations to share tax and foreign financial data. Both the IRS and Department of Justice use this information to prosecute taxpayers who are noncompliant. Any investigation makes a person ineligible to participate in the OVDP or Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program.


Why Do You Need An Experienced IRS Audit Attorney?

If you have received a notice or letter from the IRS, which states immediate action is needed, then you must act quickly. You may receive a Notice of Intent to Levy or a Notice of Federal Tax Lien. These are serious tax situations that require an experienced IRS tax lawyer Glendale, California to help. Vic Abajian can fight for you. His previous successes as an IRS Senior Trial Attorney gives him the knowledge and skills he needs to work for you.

For more than a decade, he has been helping people with their very complex tax controversies. Settling accounts worth millions of dollars makes him one of the most respected attorneys in the area. If you are in trouble with the IRS — or want to avoid trouble — call (818) 396-5059.

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