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IRS tax liens shouldn’t be taken lightly. When the IRS is owed money, they file a broad lien that can encumber all of a taxpayer’s properties and accounts. If this is happening to you, don’t despair: an expert IRS tax lien attorney in Los Angeles named Vic Abajian is ready to advocate on your behalf.

Mr. Abajian is himself a former Senior IRS Trial Attorney, and he knows exactly what persuasive arguments to make in order to get your tax liens lifted. As you may have realized, the lien does not always serve in the best interest of the IRS. For example, liens and levies may prevent a taxpayer from liquidating assets to pay off the IRS; or, they may disrupt a taxpayer’s business by causing problems with vendors, inventory, or cash flow. All of these circumstances make it harder for a taxpayer to pay off their liabilities, even if their intention is to act in good faith.

Thankfully, in some instances, liens and levies can be detached with collection alternatives, such as installment agreements and offers in compromise. A knowledgeable tax attorney can advise you as to whether you may qualify for these options after reviewing the facts of your unique case.

Taxpayers may also qualify for a withdrawal of a notice of federal tax lien, a lien discharge on a particular property, or lien subordination. The IRS may agree to allow a lien withdrawal, if the withdrawal will facilitate tax collection or if it is in the best interest of the taxpayer and in the best interest of the United States.

A sudden levy or lien can be a devastating event, as the IRS is an extremely aggressive creditor and they do not back down easily to private individuals without representation. If you are facing a tax lien or levy, the expertise of an IRS tax levy attorney in Los Angeles such as Vic Abajian can help you assertively manage your liabilities without devastating your financial health. The sooner you have a tax law professional open up a line of communication with the IRS, the better chance you have of presenting your case and getting relief from any IRS tax levies and liens you are facing.

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