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The United States Tax Code is a particularly unforgiving set of rules. While many a taxpayer has gone into their dealings with the IRS having the best of intentions, sometimes Taxpayers find themselves out of compliance or in tax trouble because of the complexity involved . Whether you’ve found yourself in a bit of a mess with your current tax situation, or you want to take a proactive approach to avoid future problems, a California tax attorney at Abajian Law can be your most trusted advocate.


Why Choose A California Tax Law Firm?

If you’re seeking tax relief, filing help, audit defense, or anything else related to the California Revenue and Taxation code, it simply makes the most sense to enlist the help of a California tax lawyer. While CPAs can be of great assistance for general tax questions and preparation, they lack the attorney client privilege afforded an attorney (and therefore, can be called to testify against a Taxpayer). Additionally, there could be inherent conflicts present if the preparer who prepared the return is also defending an audit.

We understand — hiring an attorney can feel daunting at first, especially since it carries a psychological connotation that legitimizes the “seriousness” of your tax situation. Some people are reluctant to hire a tax lawyer simply because they refuse to admit to themselves just how precarious their situation is. However, the IRS is not an organization that should be dealt with by an inexperienced layperson, especially if you’re facing tax issues that carry potentially dire consequences.


Tax Lawyers in CA Can Provide Tax Relief, Audit Representation, and More

So, what kinds of tax issues can the California tax attorneys at Abajian Law assist you with? The possibilities are endless. Our attorneys are qualified to help you with matters related to foreign bank accounts, unfiled tax returns, audit representation, tax relief, Circular 230 opinions, offers to compromise a liability, installment agreements, liens and levies, and so much more.

Unlike CPAs who may wish to keep their practice to a simpler, more focused scope of services, the veteran tax lawyers at Abajian Law have an exhaustive knowledge of the United States tax code that enables them to nimbly guide you through virtually any tax problem you’re facing.

Most importantly, you should always keep in mind that the IRS is an extremely aggressive creditor: they are one of the few creditors that can take extraordinary collection measures such as bank levies, wage garnishments, and even foreclosure of a lien, without a judgement from a court of law. Don’t waste time hoping that your tax problems will go away.

Enlist the help of a knowledgeable California tax attorney at Abajian Law today by calling (818) 396-5059 for a free consultation today.
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