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Abajian Law is an established, professional law firm that’s ready to protect you from tax liabilities of all shapes and sizes. Our international tax lawyers in San Jose are highly qualified to provide a full suite of legal services, including both preventative and curative legal representation as well as tax advisory services. Although our premier area of practice revolves around foreign tax matters, the Abajian Law team can handle any scenario requiring a tax attorney in San Jose. Call us right now for a complimentary, discreet consultation regarding your unique circumstances.

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The San Jose foreign tax attorneys at Abajian Law are intimately familiar with the uniquely delicate tax obligations of people who earn (or hold) foreign assets. It doesn’t matter whether you’re currently living in San Jose or even the state of California — you have a legal duty to accurately report your international earnings and holdings of all kinds, including cryptocurrency.

If you do have foreign assets, you’ll need to become intimately familiar with FBAR (FinCEN Form 114) and other IRS forms that paint a very clear picture of your international wealth. Failure to meet the IRS’ reporting obligations can result in incredibly punitive fines… and even prison sentences in severe circumstances. Even if you’ve failed to report your truthful earnings or asset value in the past, it’s extremely critical that you take proactive steps to correct your record and come into compliance with the IRS’ standards. The veteran, savvy legal team at Abajian Law knows exactly how to remedy your prior mistakes and clean up your tax records to show the IRS you’re acting in good faith. This is a priceless service when you consider the alternative — a lifetime of being chased down by the Internal Revenue Service.

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If there’s one thing that has been proven true about the IRS time and time again, it’s that burying your head in the figurative sand and hoping that they go away is not an effective strategy. The IRS has access to some of the most powerful financially punitive and investigatory tools on the planet — and they have shown an eager willingness to use them.

But you don’t need to live in fear, shame, or guilt that you haven’t handled your taxes properly. The fact is, the US Tax Code is a complex body of laws; and international tax considerations are even more challenging. That’s why it’s so very important to trust your taxes — your financial health — with a highly competent professional tax attorney rather than trying to do it yourself.

You wouldn’t try to perform your own medical procedures or re-do your own home plumbing system — so why would you risk a tax preparation misstep that could haunt you for years and cause incredible amounts of stress and complications that you simply don’t need? Yes, tax law — especially international tax law — really is that specialized and complicated, and it’s worth having a professional handle it for you so that you can avoid an ongoing legal or financial nightmare.

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Whether you’re looking for a tax attorney for venture capital firms, or a small business tax lawyer who understands your unique needs, Abajian Law is ready and willing to be your trusted advocate. Have you been audited, or do you suspect you may be audited soon? There’s no time to waste. You need our elite attorneys quickly and efficiently setting you up for success so that you have the best chance of avoiding serious penalties. The clock is ticking: contact us right away.

Instead of wasting valuable time and energy worrying about whether you prepared your taxes correctly or not, consider trusting a well-respected firm like Abajian Law to take that burden off of your shoulders for good. Particularly if you own or run a business, regardless of size, it’s a prudent move to trust your tax attorney to handle this area of the business while you focus on growing your revenue and serving your clients and employees.

San Jose is an incredible place to live, with some of the best weather, scenery, sports teams, and people in the entire country. Make the most of your time in this amazing city by treating your tax obligations wisely. Abajian Law is prepared to take your tax worries off your plate, not just this year — but as your trusted partner for years and years to come.