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Are you dealing with IRS tax problems?

If so, you’re not alone. Each year, thousands of Americans seek tax relief in the hopes of reducing the amount they owe to the IRS. While there are avenues you can pursue on your own to try and obtain tax resolution, many savvy taxpayers who want to minimize their liability will enlist the help of a tax resolution professional such as a tax attorney.

IRS Tax Relief Options

If you have received notice that you owe unpaid taxes to the IRS, it’s critically important that you do not ignore their communications or hope for the problem to go away. The IRS is one of the most aggressive creditors an individual is likely to face in their lifetime, and their powers of wage garnishment and decisive action can result in serious, lasting consequences for individuals and businesses.

There are options that a tax attorney can guide you through to reduce or remove the tax liabilities you are facing. Avenues such as making an OIC (offer in compromise) or applying for an installment agreement are two of the best options a taxpayer can utilize when seeking tax relief and resolution. In order to qualify for one or both of these options, there are certain things you can do to maximize your chances of acceptance. Our Los Angeles tax resolution lawyers are ready to examine your unique case from every angle to give you the best possible chance of successfully obtaining tax relief.

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Abajian Law is an experienced tax relief law firm in Los Angeles that has professionally and discreetly handled clients’ tax matters for years. We genuinely care about helping our clients, and we take pride in doing everything we can to help you achieve tax resolution affordably and in a way that minimizes stress — so that you can put your IRS problems behind you, and go back to focusing on better and brighter things.

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