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For years, Vic Abajian has been a successful and respected Los Angeles area tax attorney focusing on international tax controversy. As a former Senior IRS Trial Attorney, he is more than familiar with IRS examiners, appeals and the IRS counsel attorneys in downtown Los Angeles. Mr. Abajian provides clients with outstanding personalized, discreet service at an efficient cost. He has made countless appearances before the IRS in Los Angeles, drawing on his substantial knowledge of state and federal tax law to aggressively advocate for his clients. He represents clients throughout Southern California as well as the nation in complex tax situations including foreign bank account and FBAR compliance matters.

If you have received an IRS audit notice, lien notice, or 30 or 90 days letter from the IRS in Los Angeles, Mr. Abajian has the veteran experience and savvy litigation background to provide the highest quality of tax representation services in Los Angeles, CA. If you’re searching for the best tax attorney for a case arising out of the Los Angeles, CA area IRS offices, it is imperative to seek a tax attorney that is well respected by the IRS. Mr. Abajian is precisely that experienced tax attorney who can skillfully bring your case to a quick and positive resolution. Mr. Abajian is a highly qualified tax lawyer with a master’s degree in taxation from Georgetown who has previously worked as a Senior IRS Trial Attorney. He has resolved hundreds of tax controversy and collection cases and looks forward to assisting you.

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If you are under investigation for a tax crime, tax evasion or offshore bank account, please call us for a consultation. Mr. Abajian, a seasoned tax attorney, will assess your case and provide you with a well thought out strategy on how to proceed. He will provide you the assistance and support of a tax attorney that has extensive experience in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and throughout the nation.

It’s crucial to have an experienced and knowledgeable tax attorney working on your case as early as possible. Many issues are critical at the onset of a case and often taxpayers unknowingly make damaging statements to the IRS before contacting a tax lawyer. An experienced tax attorney such as Mr. Abajian can set the tone of the audit or investigation in your favor from the start.

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Abajian Law’s attorneys are currently working on the examination of several taxpayers that have undisclosed foreign bank accounts, including responding to extensive requests for information issued by the IRS. The firm also represents clients at face-to-face interviews with IRS examiners. If you’re facing these scenarios, you should accept nothing less than the very best representation possible — because the IRS knows how to dig in for a fight.

Over the years, Mr. Abajian has built his formidable reputation as a well known Los Angeles tax attorney by successfully representing taxpayers in a wide variety of circumstances and predicaments. Please do not hesitate to contact us in Los Angeles, CA to discuss your tax issues, as we are committed to standards of discretion and privacy.


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