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If you own a business, whether large or small, you know how critical it is to follow proper payroll tax requirements. Unfortunately, even if you’re aware of the importance of a meticulously prepared payroll, the complexities of payroll tax can cause you to end up owing the IRS more than you actually paid.

When a business owner is facing the threat of IRS actions such as levies or property seizure, it can be an incredibly scary time. The Los Angeles-based business tax lawyers at Abajian Law have seen it all when it comes to resolving business tax debt, and we are ready to relentlessly advocate on your behalf to the IRS.

Is your business facing IRS sanctions or the threat of imminent action? Call us for a free consultation right now at 818.396.5059.

An outstanding payroll tax debt can have a wide ranging set of consequences, none of which are desirable. Retaining a business tax attorney who has deep knowledge of both domestic and international tax regulations can be a way of protecting yourself from those consequences… which can even include criminal prosecution. Abajian Law is a business tax law firm that can step in to help negotiate and resolve tax debt, fight IRS penalties, and avoid or remove levies.

Even if the rest of your business’ finances are structurally sound, owing back payroll taxes can completely cripple your ability to function as a profitable business. Levies and property seizure can disrupt operations and cash flow, and the stress of consequences up to and including prosecution can be too overwhelming to overcome without expert legal representation.

Abajian Law has a proven track record of eliminating or drastically reducing business owners’ payroll tax liabilities. When it’s your business and your employees counting on you to navigate a difficult situation with the IRS, trust the veteran business tax attorneys at Abajian Law to tenaciously fight for you. If you have a business tax issue, call Abajian Law today for an absolutely no-obligation consultation regarding your unique situation at 818.396.5059.

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