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    • 3 Reasons Why You Need A Cannabis Tax Attorney
      Posted on 21 Aug, 2019

      Just a decade ago the concept of a “marijuana tax attorney” would be unthinkable. Today, with things changing so dramatically and rapidly many dispensary owners and cannabis professionals are wondering how to meet their tax obligation in good faith… without paying more than is necessary. The current tax landscape with pitfalls around every corner make […]

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    • How To Qualify For Streamlined Foreign Offshore Procedure
      Posted on 16 Jul, 2019

      If you’re a U.S. taxpayer residing outside the United States, you might be eligible for the IRS streamlined foreign offshore procedure (SFOP). Under certain specific circumstances, this program might streamline the process of making up for failure to pay taxes while you were living abroad. Learn more about the SFOP, and find out whether you’re […]

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    • What Is A Collection Due Process Hearing (CDP)?
      Posted on 23 May, 2019

      The IRS is a powerful debt collector, to say the least. They have the entire mechanism of the government’s resources at their disposal, and they will utilize it to ensure that they are able to collect unpaid taxes. Although the IRS is incredibly aggressive, the system is inherently fair, because there are plenty of potential […]

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