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    • California EDD Payroll Tax Problems
      Posted on 11 Oct, 2019

      Whether you have federal payroll tax problems or California payroll tax problems, one thing is for certain: the IRS does not mess around when it comes to collecting what they’re owed. Every day, business owners fail to pay payroll taxes for many reasons: insolvency, cash flow issues, fear, negligence, ignorance of the law, or simply […]

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    • How International Wire Transfers May Prompt an IRS Audit
      Posted on 1 Oct, 2019

      Wire transfers are convenient and secure methods for sending money all over the world. In the era of cryptocurrencies and PayPal, wire transfers aren’t the only international capital transfer tools available, but relying on the security of established financial institutions can be reassuring when you have overseas financial interests. If you don’t get all your […]

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    • How Far Back Can The IRS Go For Unfiled Taxes?
      Posted on 18 Sep, 2019

      The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is tasked with collecting taxes from every American individual, business, and corporation. What is the IRS statute of limitations on collections, and how long can this agency go back and search for tax fraud? The closer to your Collection Statute Expiration Date (CSED) you get, the more aggressively the IRS […]

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