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If you owe a tax debt to the IRS, they may have the right to file a levy against you to collect payment on delinquent taxes. An IRS levy allows the agency to seize your property or garnish your wages to pay what you owe. As confusing and stressful as an IRS tax levy can […]

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The IRS is a powerful debt collector, to say the least. They have the entire mechanism of the government’s resources at their disposal, and they will utilize it to ensure that they are able to collect unpaid taxes. Although the IRS is incredibly aggressive, the system is inherently fair, because there are plenty of potential […]

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In an increasingly connected economy, it’s important that private citizens and business owners tread carefully with tax implications both at home and abroad.

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Dec 05 2012

What is a tax levy? A tax levy is commonly referred to as an IRS levy or wage garnishment/wage levy. If you have unpaid taxes and have not cooperated with the demands of the IRS to make the payments, it is likely that you will receive a tax levy. This means the IRS will actually […]

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