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Whether you’re new to foreign taxable income, or you’re an experienced international businessperson looking for some clarification, you might be wondering: “what is FBAR and FATCA, anyway?” The difference between FATCA and FBAR is simply this: one is a declaratory form (FBAR), while the other is a federal law that took effect in 2010 (FATCA). […]

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Wire transfers are convenient and secure methods for sending money all over the world. In the era of cryptocurrencies and PayPal, wire transfers aren’t the only international capital transfer tools available, but relying on the security of established financial institutions can be reassuring when you have overseas financial interests. If you don’t get all your […]

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If you have foreign assets and/or accounts, you need to be aware of reporting requirements under the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA).

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Another Swiss executive joins the growing list of Swiss bankers and executives who have been charged with allegedly aiding wealthy Americans in tax evasion. Raoul Weil, former head of UBS’s global wealth management business and a Swiss Citizen, was arrested in Bologna on October 19. In November 2008, when he was still working with UBS, […]

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