Jul 21 2017

Instructed taxpayer not to submit on offer in compromise, but instead to wait for statute of limitations to run.  The statute of limitations on collections expired and the IRS stopped collection efforts and withdrew tax liens.  Taxpayer was not retained as a client but sent an unsolicited gift as a token of appreciation for honest […]

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Feb 25 2016

A practicing attorney, Taxpayer with liability of $398,864 walked into Abajian Law with years of unsuccessful negotiation with the IRS and a defaulted installment agreement. IRS accepted an Offer in Compromise Doubt as to Collectability for $85,000. IRS withdrew all tax liens.

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Oct 28 2015

Father and Mother of United States Marine fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan owed $133,000 of overdue taxes. Taxpayer received hefty severance after leaving his employment, however Abajian Law demonstrated that taxpayer had spent the entire severance on necessary living expenses and would have to continue using the rest of the severance money, the IRS agreed […]

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Oct 28 2015

Client worked with prior power of attorney in a failed attempt to reduce IRS liabilities. Client’s past liabilities from tax years 2008 through 2012 totaled $602,276.94. After an Offer In Compromise Doubt as to Liability and an Offer In Compromise Doubt as to Collectability, Abajian Law settled client’s liability for $1,470 during the course of […]

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